Lonsdor K518ISE Volvo key programmer feedback

Lonsdor K518ISE is verified to program key on Volvo models perfectly. This post includes some test reports.

Program Volvo C30 2011 Semi-Smart Key: Yes

Program Volvo XC60 Smart Key(Self Keyless/Full Keyless): Yes

Program Volvo V60 Smart Key: Yes

Program Volvo XC60 smart key: Yes

Program Volvo V40 Smart Key successfully, have to do CEM’s and KVM’s.

Program Volvo S60 smart key – full keyless: Yes

XC90 2006 remote programming, need to open the ECU

volvo xc 90 2017 all keys lost: Yes

2006 Volvo C70 (Pod key -AKL Eeprom)

Volvo S80 (Before 09 smart key) key program: Yes

volvo Xc90(2) 2017 all key lost: No

……. And more

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As you can see, to program Volvo key programming, you need to bound Lonsdor K518ISE main unit to the KPROG Adapter.

Lonsdor K518ISE Adaptor Binding procedure:
Please note that KPROG adapter must be bound to K518ISE before using, here is the binding process:
Step 1. Connect adapter to K518ISE with mainline
Step 2. Connect K518ISE with 12V power supply
Step 3. Enter into “Setting”
Step 4. Click “Bind adapter”
Step 5. Click “OK” to complete

Details with instruction:

  1. Lonsdor K518ISE Programs Volvo XC60


  1. Lonsdor K518ISE Programs Volvo V40 Smart Key

3.Lonsdor K518ISE program Volvo S60 smart key – full keyless




Q: When using Lonsdor K518ISE to program Volvo, it requires to send us KVM file to obtain new file so that I can program the key, what does it means?

A: Please follow the operation instruction to do, remove the KVM module to read data and transfer data, input the K518ISE folder to program.


Q: Somebody tested Volvo key programming? Interested fact is te calculation data has ‘it’s term of validty’. I mean if we calculate data from CEM Lonsdor accept calculated file but if we try it next day, then device say wrong file and we need to calculate one more time. I havent chance to test on real car yet, now just plyaing with CEM units. But I wonder how they calculate those datas and why they expire

A: If you use other key programmer to read out the data, then K518 need to transfer, and it will have ‘it’s term of validty’. If you directly use K518 + KPROG to read out and automatically save into K518, then it won’t have the validty.


Q: Can Lonsdor program regular transponder key for VOLVO with regular ignition cylinder?

A: Yes.