Fly FVDI 2018 has troubles connecting to the CAN bus(Solved)

Here are some pictures of the new FVDI 2018 pcb with new pcb layout and integrated softdog parts (near red/black battery wires)
it also has a new SOB#214 chip near the 1050 CAN transceiver (for switching different termination resistors ) instead of the old ADG1204YRUZ and a MAXQ1850 for the softdog.
this is the cloned version of FVDIOBD, i have some troubles connecting to the CAN bus (often no connection or time-out problem with long readings – who knows which parts are specific for the CAN communication besides the 1050 CAN transceiver ?

There 3 pictures of Fly FVDI 2018 PCB:

and here old FVDI2014 PCB:

well i did some more testing regarding the Fiat canbus connection problems and i think it is not the starting and closing of the Renault software first which triggers the Fiat can bus communication to work but it seems it is the extra time used for opening and closing the Renault software which makes the difference ……
i just tried several times taking much more time to start up my laptop (Dell D630 with XP) – let it settle, startup FVDI software, connect to server, choose Fiat v5.7 , take more time to let the laptop handle everything in the background and with some extra patience the FVDI2018 connects directly to the Fiat canbus…..
I wish i knew this before I exchanged all parts on the pcb but i’m glad i have pinpointed the cause of the non-working canbus connection….
it might help others with the same problems….

Credits to yellowstilo (DK forum)

Collected by Laurance