New Android Version SEC-E9 key cutting machine cut the R O C key

How to cut the R O C key using the tubular key clamp on SEC E9 key cutting machine Andriod version? Here is the step-by-step guide for you.

Press Tubular> “R” “R.O.C”

Click the image

Enter the key data

The original key can open cylinder

Put the original key into the tubular key clamp

Tighten the holder

Press “decode” button to start decoding original key and get the key numbers

Press “Cut” button

Take out the original key

Fix a new key blank at the clamp

Then tighten the holder

Press “cut” button to start cutting a new key, please remember to close the safe gate

Cutting is done, open the safe gate

Clean the clamp & the new key

Then take out the new key

The new key is working very well, amazing!