Calibrate tubular key clamp on SEC-E9 key cutting machine: tested successfully

SEC-E9 is all-in-one key cutting machine which can be easily operated by users steadily thanks to the state-of-art technique. It supports to cut house keys, including dimple keys, tubular keys, single standard keys and motorcycle keys.

Now I want to share the report about SEC-E9 key cutting machine calibrated tubular key clamp.

Device information:

SEC-E9 key cutting machine

Automobile key clamp

Two decoders

Tubular key clamp


The test:

Install automobile key clamp on SEC-E9

Insert two decoders into the machine

Press “setup” and “first step” button to enter the “clamp calibration” interface

Note: It is a very important step to press “first step”, please don’t miss it.

Press “start” button to calibrate the distance between decoder and cutter

Fix calibration block on the top level of clamp and pay attention to the position

Click the picture to continue…

Take out automobile key clamp

Install tubular key clamp

Press “tubular key clamp” to continue…

Press “decoder” button and choose “tubular key clamp” to calibrate the decoder lengths

Remove the right decoder and insert a cutter

Press “cutter” button and choose “tubular key clamp” to calibrate the cutter length

The calibration is done!