OBDSTAR DC706 VS I/O Terminal Reviews

How about OBDSTAR DC706 ECU Tool? Compared with IO Terminal, any good?

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DC706 has full clone function. It supports ECM, TCM and Body/other system clone via OBD or Bench. It can read ECU info, R/W Eeprom/Dflash/Pflash/MAP, reset ECU (Virgin), calibrate mileage, read IMMO pincode, and recover ECU… make ECU cloning easy.

It only costs a third of the Full version of I/O Terminal, therefore within everyone’s reach and without using a PC, with a Tablet and everything is done.

Besides, the updates are continuous.

The disadvantage is that it doesn’t do checksum.

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Here we have collected many unbiased reviews from Facebook and our customers. Check the details below.


OBDSTAR DC706 VS I/O Terminal Unbiased Reviews:

Review 1:

I have the Obdstar DC706 and have used it a bit. I will say one let down was I was trying to harvest a virgin file from a 6L80 through OBD. It read the eeprom quickly but after 10mins and no movement on the flash, I gave up. I know many others have said IO terminal will through OBD and most have completed 6L80 on the bench. So far, that’s been my only issue. The monthly updates are great as they are adding many new modules all the time.


Review 2:

I have i/o terminal tool and dc706. dc706 is better overall. It is so easy to set up and go. The instructions are top notch, they use real pictures of the ecu and pin out diagrams are very clear, and then they even give you step by step instructions on how to do the job. They just came out with another huge update today, added many GM bcms and ford bcms. I have seen a post recently about someone cloning a ford bcm, said they couldn’t do it by obd, but bench was fine. No tool is perfect, especially when it’s so new of a tool. They are quick to respond if you contact support. In many ways it’s better than I/O terminal tool, you can virginize the gm bcm, mileage correction, pin codes all from the tool. It’s easily worth the $1400 price tag.


Review 3:

Io terminal vs 706 ….the cost is true, but Io will do more.


Review 4:

This Obdstar dc706 tool is a good companion to the IO Terminal. This tool includes cloning for many GM PCMs and TCMs. Ford DPS6 (Dual Clutch) TCM is covered. There is much more in there. I am testing a bit at a time but so far it is pretty good. I also got the TCM cable set and P003 bench adapter.


OBDSTAR DC706 VS Foxflash ECU Programmer Review:

I have both foxflash and dc706. dc706 is much easier to get going. The way they are updating the dc706 they will have more coverage in no time.


OBDSTAR DC706 Read/Write ECU/BCM/TCU Reviews:

Review 1:

2011 Citroen ds4 bsi continental Q0X SC667050+95256 perfect read of eeprom and flash and pin code and write.


Review 2:

My respects to this DC706 ECU tool. OBDSTAR simos 18.10 TC1791 by boot. With its adapter MP001.


Review 3:

I had a SIMTEC.75.5 and that read ok. Also, an E78 and E83. Both read ok. The E78 has the same processor as the E37.


Review 4:

i did a gpec2a with the 1000 ohm resistor and it worked.


Review 5:

Magneti Marelli fiat 8gmw worked flawlessly be careful to connect to the correct can hi.


Review 6:

I did it with 2017 Jeep renegade GPEC3 I done fine with it, 12v. Make sure you solder GPT1 well.


Review 7:

Read and write Saab Acdelco E67 very fast with the godiag breakout box.


Review 8:

Read and write VW IAW 9GV module ok

Read and write GM ACDelco E83 ECM ok

Read and write BCM module GM 52046112 ok

The tool has great potential.


Review 9:

Obdstar DC706 is the best for GM Delco E39 and E39A. Even Motorsport Flex didn’t work on my last one.


Review 10:

I just went through the coverage and this dc706 tool just keeps on getting better and better. MEDG17 / MED17 found in Ford Models. The F150 Ecoboost is an MEDG17. This PCM has been a boot mode only PCM, now offered here in bench mode. I am also seeing the GPEC2 and GPEC3 PCMs listed in boot mode. Lots of FIAT BCMs are listed. This tool is the deal of the century.


Review 11:

I have had obdstar for month defects: no checksum, Renault ECU Sagem only wifi.


Review 12:

Very capable machine. They are quick to sort the issues. Doesn’t do checksums. I do like it though. For money, I don’t think it’s bad at all. There’s an extra or two you might want to buy as well. All in all, I’m glad I got one.


Review 13:

As time has gone on, the updates have sorted almost all issues. It has turned into a really good tool. Absolutely love it now though. Only thing really missing is checksum calculation. But saying that, it was never marketed as a programmer but a cloner so to speak. Don’t know about VAG EDC17 immo calculation during writing with the OPT areas as it now has these in its list but I have other tools for that. It’ll be interesting what’s coming in future updates. Would highly recommend it now.


Review 14:

Very capable machine. Had some issues 6 months ago. Nearly all sorted. Sometimes an update screws it up a bit (a week ago it was a nightmare – sorted now though) so best to wait a week or so and let others test. Still the odd ECU that still doesn’t work after allegedly being fixed. It’s definitely getting better. They are quick to sort the issues. Doesn’t do checksums. I do like it though. For money, I don’t think it’s bad at all. There’s an extra or two you might want to buy as well. All in all, I’m glad I got one.


Review 15:

It does read files …and rewrite …but not all ecus posted on the unit are fully functional…meaning u have to read .bin files use another system for example to clone or remove immo or remove dtc…and use dc706 to write modified file back…they are updating constantly adding new features or modules….it’s not a silver bullet to do all units with every feature…no tool is that way…u need to find out exactly what cars and exactly what functions u need and buy specific tool..I have about 5 different tool still not able to do all cars or trucks …one complain I have about dc706 is mostly covers Asia and Europe cars that are not sold in USA market so if u are Europe or Asia u will get more use out of it…but over all its a good one to have in ur arsenal ..as far as checksum goes it does automatically to my knowledge..if not true maybe someone can chime in.


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