OBDSTAR P50 Update Toyota Lexus Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Repair on Bench

OBDSTAR Tech released Toyota Steering Angle Sensor Repair Software Upgrade [V30.00] for OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool on Mar.7th, 2024.

obdstar p50 toyota sas repair on bench 1

Highlights Added: 

Add clear crash function for 12 part numbers of Toyota steering angle below:

  • 89245-02060
  • 89245-06110
  • 89245-07030
  • 89245-0D030
  • 89245-0R030
  • 89245-0T010
  • 89245-12040
  • 89245-12050
  • 89245-33080
  • 89245-50040
  • 89245-50100
  • 89245-74010



In the process of vehicle maintenance, unplugging the steering angle sensor, replacing the steering wheel or doing positioning due to improper operation will lead to damage to the steering angle sensor, the instrument will report a fault light, and the diagnostic scanner will prompt [Cl433 Angle Sensor Internal Fault], in fact, this fault is due to data errors and can be fixed by doing the data repair.


Toyota Lexus 2nd generation angle sensor is commonly using a programmer to disassemble and repair, but 3rd generation and 4th generation angle sensors due to the CPU data encryption can not use the programmer to read and write the data and thus can not be repaired.


OBDSTAR is now launching the software to support angle sensor repair by bench. Support for data repair, calibration of deflection angle of 0 degrees, easy to operate, no need to disassemble and read the MCU, no damage or risk repair, and support for the 3rd and 4th generation encrypted MCU repair, which will save a lot of repair costs!

obdstar p50 toyota sas repair on bench 2

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