Porsche Cayenne 2010 Steering Angle Sensor Calibration by Launch X431 Pro

This post will explain how to use Launch X431 V scan tool to read fault code and calibrate steering-angle sensor on 2010 Porsche Cayenne.

Firstly, connect X431 V 8 inch tablet with Porsche Cayenne
Then enter X431 PRO menu, select “Local Diagnose”-> “Porsche”-> “Manually Select”-> “Cayenne”-> “Cayenne-9PA (Up To 2010)”-> “System Selection”

And select “PSM (Porsche Stability Management)”-> “Read Fault Code”

It read out 1826 error. It means there is something wrong with steering-angle sensor and terminal 30 power supply.

Back to function menu and select “Read Data Stream”

Select “Steering angle sensor status” & “Steering-angle sensor”, then press “OK”

Turn the steering wheel to check the data stream

Select “Calibration”-> “Steering-angle sensor”
Follow the prompt to confirm the following operation with Yes or No key:
The steering wheel must be moved by+/20.0 degree in both directions before calibration. Then straighten the steering wheel and start calibration with Yes.
Wheels positioned straight ahead and steering wheel horizontally. The steering wheel may deviate by Max.+/-2.0 degree from horizontal when driving straight ahead.
Then press “Yes” to continue

Calibrate steering-angle sensor successfully

Finally, read fault code to check if there is still exiting trouble code


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