Program Landrover Rear differential control module with SDD

Here is a tutorial on programming Land Rover L359 2010 Rear differential control module (RDCM) with dealer SDD (Symptom Driven Diagnostic) software.
 VXDIAG VCX NANO for JLR with SDD software (V141)
(Cheaper JLR Mangoose/mangoosepro SDD cables are not able to programmJaguar & Land Rover ECUs.)
1.       Please feed your vehicle with a LandRover approved storage battery
2.       Please follow the Turn ignition ON/OFF instructions strictly, otherwise may damage the vehicle.
Well install JLR SDD software
Wait SDD to read vehicle information automatically  
Click “Service Function” button
Wait the SDD to detect control units available
Click on “Recommendations” tab
Locate “Configure new module– Rear differential control module”, click “Run” button
Click “Agree
Turn ignition to ON (position 2)
Confirm your vehicle has fed with a storage battery. SDD will refuse to work if the volatge is under 12.5V, press tick to move on
Turn ignition switch to OFF (position 0)
Turn ignition to ON position
SDD will display Rear differential control module software update program
Click “Notification Chevron” button
Press tick
Control module is initializing
Turn ignition off
Press tick to continue
Turn ignition ON
Learning Vehicle identification number
Turn ignition OFF
Turn ignition ON
SDD will read fault code stored in the RDCM control module
Click Yes to clear all fault codes
Press tick
Turn ignition OFF
Turn ignition ON
Control module programming completed
Turn ignition ON
Try a driver test


Exit the SDD software and unplug the Jaguar & Land rover diagnostic tool.