(Solved) FVDI 2018 mfc110u.dll is missing

User complaint – professional solution – feedback: FLY FVDI 2018 mfc110u.dll is missing User complaints: I've purchased an FVDI Abrites commander 2018 from eobdtool.co.uk and I’ve run it through the setup you sent me on the disc, it fully installs and leaves an “Arbrites quick start” icon on my desktop. I click on the icon to continue and it throws this error up “mfc110.dll is missing” The error: Quickloader.exe – system error The program cannot start because mfc110u.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem… Continue Reading

How to sovle FVDI 2018 “device not opened”

FVDI 2018 errors and solution from eobdtool.co.uk FVDI 2018 gets following error: “connection to server…..failed” “device not opened” Solution: Please download FDVI 2018  V3.0: https://mega.nz/#!KRBzVIrD!uE0ZGjYAbTv0sEZPQjLN0jejex_yI0IF9R3Wad21f7g FVDI 2018 windows 7 install:  FVDI 2018 link: http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/fly-fvdi-commander-full-version.html