Lonsdor K518 Pro/K518 Series Update NISSAN & CHEVROLET Immobilizer (Till 2024)

lonsdor k518 pro update nissan chevrolet immobilizer 1

Londor K518 Pro/K518S/K518IESE key programmer updated NISSAN & CHEVROLET Immobilizer car models on Dec.18th, 2023. Update details: NISSAN Rogue\2021-\Smart key Almera \2022 Pathfinder\2022 \Smart key New X-Trail\2014- Patrol\2018\ Smart key 4-digit PIN code Without slot-button\ type 3 CHEVROLET Aveo\2017-2020 Blazer\2020-2022\Mechanical key Cavalier\ 2019-2022\ Immobilizer Lova RV\2016-2018 Malibu Classic\2001-2005\Remote Menlo\2020\Smart key Monza\2022-2024\Mechanical key Seeker\2022-2023 Trailblazer\2020-2021\Immobilizer CANFD protocol vehicles (K518PRO Only) Tracker\2020-2022\Smart key Tracker\2020-2022\Mechanical key Please update your device to check the details. UK Professional OBD2… Continue Reading