Best match KTAG + KESS V2 + ECM TITANIUM 1.61 for ECU tuning

Here is a super combination kit available: KTAG V2.13+KESS V2 V2.22+ECM TITANIUM V1.61. This ECU tool combination will make your ECU programming perfectly every time. If you buy them separately, KTAG V2.13 €119 + KESS V2 V2.22 €69.99 + ECM TITANIUM V1.61 €19.99 = €208.98. But now you are offered a much lower bundle price charge only €180.99. €27.99 saved!

2.13V Ktag Master V6.070 Plus V2.22 Kess V2 Unlimited Token V4.036 with Free ECM TITANIUM V1.61 Software

This combination kit of KTAG V2.13+KESS V2+ECM TITANIUM 1.61 is a super and best match, why?

First, we need to make clear several ways for ECU programming and tuning. Then we can see whether this combination kit is helpful.

1) Program ECU via OBD2 communication port (the easiest and the fastest way)

2) Program ECU via BDM port which is on the ECU’s motherboard (the most stable way)

3) Program ECU in boot mode, on the table

4) Solder the EEPROM out of ECU and reprogram it

KESS V2 is perfect for OBD use, while K-TAG is perfect for BDM, K-TAG also can does boot mode (Tricore and ST10).

Second, back to these ECU tools, following info will make their advantages clear.

Both KESS V2 and KTAG V2.13 are no tokens limitation. When tokens are used up, we can add tokens following the guide video in CD (No need to program tokens with j-link programmer or to remove /desolder chips)

Third, ECM TITANIUM 1.61 has the following advantages:

Crack version, do not need activation

No key needed

With 18475 driver

Work well on Windows XP and Windows 7

Checksum work 100% fine

Multi-language available: Italian/ English/ Portuguese/ German/ French/ Spanish

Last point: let’s see what other people think about KESS, KTAG and ECM Titanium at

  1. Without any doubt the KESS V2 is the best tuning tool available today. It’s fast, reliable, has boot mode for EDC17 with tuning protection, excellent customer service and tech support. And most importantly the coverage is fantastic. Get KESS v2 and I promise you won’t be disappointed, so many nice features that most tools just don’t have.
  2. KESS is for OBD, it’s very good tool. KTAG is for BDM/JTAG/BOOT. Alientech devices are good. Personally I would choose KESS and KTAG both.
  3. KESS have the option for recovery, but in my view I will do my job with both KESS and KTAG.
  4. I have both these tools and I prefer KESS because I can use it tuning truck well.
  5. I own a KTAG and it works perfectly for new BMW F series.
  6. I use KESS V2 to program ECU directly; it can be connected with OBD port. But sometimes I have to take apart the ECU to read and write, so I work with KTAG as well.
  7. I recently bought this software ECM TITANIUM V1.61 very cheap but good for me. Anyway the file is very small very easy to install and will not cost you anything to try it.
  8. ECM Titanium can make right checksum, but you need push checksum menu and correct when all job is done. (ECU is MEG1.1 on 700cc Roadster. 0261205006)