Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max & VVDI MINI OBD Tool FAQs

In this post, questions including Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max token and how to update Key Tool Max & Mini OBD Tool will be answered through question and answer.

VVDI Key Max Features:

1: Use KEY TOOL MAX to connect the dolphin to cut the key for the customer.
2: Support Generate transponder and remote. etc
3: Enter the car directly using KEY MAX+MINI OBD for matching. The entire process can be seamlessly connected without switching devices.
4. KEY TOOL MAX +MINI OBD TOOL can not only match the chip remote control of imported domestic cars, smart card, but also Toyota H chip will be released first on KEY TOOL MAX.
VVDI Key Tool MaxVVDI Key Tool Max plus


Q: Does VVDI KEY TOOL MAX device needs software or hardware annual update fees?
A: No need for any extra fees.

Q: I want to clone the remote control of the 2008 Eclipse in Mitsubishi.
Is it possible to copy the remote using general or special copying?
Can Mitsubishi's transponder also copy?'
A: The key tool max will copy Mitsubishi's transponder, you can download Xhorse app and check available list.
But it won't copy the remote key.

Q: Does Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max need to be online to copy the Toyota 8A? And how about the token?
A: if you use Xhorse super chip, server will be token free. for other chips need to charge 100 bonus points.

Q: What is difference between VVDI Max and VVDI MINI?
A: VVDI Max can work with VVDI MINI OBD Tool, which has own screen. ID48 96bit function needs to generate 10 xhorse remote keys to get. VVDI MINI ID48 function is free, and one token free every day. VVDI MAX and vvdi mini transponder/remote function is similar. But for some keys need to generate online, only VVDI2 or VVDI Max is OK.

Note: VVDI Key Tool Max User Manual

Q: How to active the 96bit 48 clone function?
A: Please use VVDI Max to generate Any Xhorse remote key 10pcs. After collect bonus points, the server will open the ID48 96bit function freely after one hour. As the pictures show below:
1.1.Turn on the machine and log in account

2.2.Turn to keytool max option and use generate 10 pcs xhorse remote and collect the points, you can touch the area of ‘Bonus Points’ for collect points, you can earn the points for first time to use the remote from xhorse.

3. An hour later after collect points, the 96 bit 48 clone function will be activated, you can check it in your keytool max machine
vvdi key tool max licenseVVDI Key Tool Max license
Remark: xhorse has 4 kinds of remote: wire remote, wireless remote, super remote, smart key remote, Generate each kind of remote will earn the different value of points
Wire remote = 25 points
Wireless remote = 40 points
Super remote = 40 points
Smart key remote = 60 points

Thanks to eobdtool for technical support