2021 GODIAG GT100 ECU Breakout Box Review: Excellent Device for Diagnosis and Save Repair Cost

More and more customers who have received GODIAG GT100 OBDII ECU Connector confirm that GT100 is a great car diagnostic tool at low price with high quality and saves money on repairs. It also can be used to verify that the networks are communicating properly and that there is proper power and grounds being supplied to the box assembly, so you can avoid the expensive scan tool burning.

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IGE: Excellent product
If you are into mechanical work, you will know that the GT100 is a car diagnostic tool, which is used for OBD2 protocol communication test and car ECU maintenance and car programming, among others and it can be used with various car diagnostic equipment too.

The package came well packaged with various leads to be used for operations but the only thing I don't like is that there is no instruction to guide on using it however it’s meant for those that really know more about technical operations of a car.

This is an excellent device for mechanical work and I can assure you that it is not a waste of money. I will surely recommend it for you
godiag gt100godiag gt100 review

Weak Lemony Drink: Save money on diagnostics bills
GT100 is a really good quality ECU breakout box for the price, and comes with plenty of adaptors, jumper cables and accessories for use in diagnosing faults and can help save big money on garage fault finding costs. I have a friend who works with car electrics so I took it round to him for help in testing it out.

It performed all the tests he tried without any problems and he seemed impressed by its capabilities.

Useful item to keep in the garage, it does require some knowledge and extra equipment to use, but it can potentially save money on repairs and for a relatively low price tag.

B.Norman: Money saver
Just a heads up, this godiag gt100 does not come with instructions. I knew what I was doing but I had to do some googling. Basically this is for diagnosing your car when you have a check engine light, and it can also reset the check engine light. Another cool thing this tool does is that it can save your settings on your radio when you change your batteries. I was also able to use this without having to get a scanner. This tool has the potential to save money on diagnosing car issues and repairs. Mine has worked well with great accuracy.
godiag gt100 ecu connectorgodiag gt100 ecu connector

Brianna: Great device!!!
Awesome quality scanner and device to figure out why you have a check engine light on!!! Great quality! Very Easy to use!! My husband is not great with doing anything with cars. Having this gt100 definitely helps us narrow down the issue. Awesome price and value! Very pleased overall!!

Alice ceballos: Figured out the problem
So the closet autoparts store to me is over an hour round trip which is expensive and time consuming to just drive there for them to check a code. Since the pandemic thought they won’t check the codes for you so you have to a dealership which charges a service fee which is crazy as you just are trying to find out a basic piece of info.

This godiag gt100 cuts out that middleman. My husband was able to find out what was going on with my car and then ordered the parts and got them installed. Now my car is not throwing any codes. He had no issues using this and it was pretty exact too.
godiag gt100 full package

DIYer: Great tool for a great price. Compares to the big brands as well!
Great product for doing diagnostics, vehicle immobilizer & security work whether it will be on the bench with the included power adapter or in the vehicle with the OBD II port supplying power.

With expensive scan tools these days I always use this to verify that the networks are communicating properly and that there is proper power and grounds being supplied to the box assembly. You don’t want to hook your very expensive scan tool up and it be burned because you didn’t have the proper powers and grounds from somebody’s previous shoddy work on a vehicle.

I have multiple brands of Breakout boxes and this godiag gt100 is the easier one to use with additional features for doing ecm, ecu repair on vehicles.

Please make sure you’re fully aware of the capabilities and use of this product as with little or no experience just as with other tools, equipment you can do thousands of dollars to a vehicle if not properly trained or knowledgeable with what you’re doing.

To be continued…

Thanks for all users’ feedback above! Some customers say there is no instruction in the GODIAG GT100 package, if you don’t know how to use it, please refer to the website to check the related function and connection diagram.

Besides that, welcome to contact our customer service online to ask for help.

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