XTOOL X100 PAD3 with KC501 Program 2014 Audi A4L

Tutorial: Make a dealer key to Audi A4L 2014 using X100 PAD Elite & XTOOL KC501.

What you need:

Car: 2014 Audi A4L


XTOOL X100 PAD3 auto key programmer
XTOOL KC501 key & chip programmer
Keys: one original key+ one new key blank
The left key is original which can start the car normally.

The right key is new which doesn’t work before programming.

Step-by-step guide to programming new key:
Step 1: Read immokey data
Step 2: Show immokey data
Step 3: Make dealer key
Step 4: Match the key

Step 1: Read immokey data

Connect X100 PAD3 with the vehicle via main cable and OBDII-16 adapter
Enter tablet main menu
Select [Diagnosis]-> [Audi]
Agree to the disclaimer
Select [4th/5th Immobilizer system]

Turn on ignition switch
Insert the original key into the ignition switch
Select [5th Immobilizer system]-> [Match the key]-> [Read immokey data]

Enter a filename to save the IMMO data

Follow the instructions to operate:
Turn the ignition on
The condition of the missing keys all, open the car headlights, and the brakes and then confirm
Read immokey data successfully

Step 2: Show immokey data
Then select [show immokey data]
The security data incl. VN, key number, etc are displayed

Step 3: Make dealer key
Enter [Make Dealer Key] function
Connect XTOOL KC501 with X100 PAD Elite and supply the power
If it prompts the device is not bound, just press “Yes” to bind directly

Select [Create A4/A5/Q5 key]
Then put the new key to the key slot of KC501

Make dealer key successfully

Step 4: Match the key
Enter [Match the key] menu
Input the number of keys to match
Note: Enter the total key numbers (original key+ new key)

Turn on ignition switch
Remove the original key from ignition
Insert the new key into ignition
The dashboard will show 2/2
Match the new key successfully

Finally, use the two keys to test the remotes and start the car.

XTOOL X100 PAD3+KC501 program 2014 Audi A4L key video:

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