YanHua DigiMaster 3 D3 Device not found error

One of the customer reported that he got two errors when using YanHua DigiMaster 3 odometer correction tool.


When changing odometer for Audi with D3 mileage tool, he got the “DEVICE NOT FOUND” error message, he carried on operation but to meet another error: “Obtain BIOS information fails, please re-power” (shown as picture below)

digimaster3-odometer-correction-1 digimaster3-odometer-correction-2

Possible reason:

Improper operation or improper shutdown the Digimaster 3 device which leads to the corrupt of the CPU files


Need to re-flash CPU for Digimaster3.

Browse to DigiMaster 3 official website:


Download D3 Reflash SDCard rar, there is CPU re-flash instruction in the file

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