2020 Newest Launch X431 Pro Mini Review

Here share some newest customer reviews about Launch X431 Pro Mini automotive diagnostic tool.

Review 1: Works great!
As a professional automotive technician I find this pro mini to be a great value. Many features of other very expensive scan tools at a fair price. Packed with features as well.

Review 2: Great value
I bought this x431 pro mini scan tool to conduct the VGT pre-alignment and recalibration on my 6.7L Cummins. Not only did it perform the functions I needed it to, it does a lot more. Really impressed with this tool.

Review 3: Very good tool, still learning how to use it
This launch x431 pro mini is a great tool with a lot of features! Probably more than I need as a weekend DIY mechanic. Nicely built and packaged and appears to be very high quality. Bidirectional features work great and already used them to actuate fans when diagnosing an overheating problem and another fuel pump problem. Graphing fuel trims have been a bit of a challenge because I can’t find a way to change the scale on the graphs, so the detail is hard to see.

Review 4: Couldn’t be happier
I agree with all the positive reviews. Fast delivery, well designed tablet and protective case, fast Android 7 OS, responsive screen with bright display, quick charging and long battery life, intuitive interface and packed with features that can’t be fully appreciated or documented without investing some time in that they vary with vehicle. I’ve only just invested a few hours but am amazed by what this instrument offers at any price. I’m convinced that coverage includes most engine, body, brake, suspension……DTCs and the list of PIDs seem endless the deeper into the system you dig. I found that some Launch models will flash a new ECM and keep a history of vehicles scanned for instant recall but not sure if this one will. That would be an improvement but not essential. This unit has loads of computer input, activation, reset and special functions to cover most requirements. Most modules will reset if power is removed for a brief time anyhow. It takes only a few taps to scan and obtain a VIN and then the scanner knows everything about a particular vehicle.

Review 5: Far better than other scanners in its price range. Includes bidirectional commands.
Does way more than other scanners in this price range. Many scanners in this price range only read coats and give basic maintenance controls. The Launch Mini does all that plus does full system deep scans and does bidirectional commands to really track down and troubleshoot the issue.
I only wish it gave recommended repairs along with the scan codes to help point you in the direction to trouble shoot. But it really is intended more for pro mechanics and extremely knowledgeable DIY guys. Incredibly useful and well done.

Review 6:  I have an Android phone, so sorta familiar with screens and controls.
I am a diy-er, so needed a reasonable price professional scan tool and this looked like a good option. I have only used x431 pro mini once so far, but it did the job. Looking forward to becoming more familiar with the tool’s capabilities.

To be continued…

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