2023 2TB Hard Drive/SSD with Full Brands Software: 100% Works for VXDIAG

2023 newest 2TB Hard Drive and 2TB SSD with VXDIAG Full Brands Software are available at eobdtool.co.uk now. They are compatible with VXDIAG diagnostic tools such as VCX SE Benz DOIP/BMW/VW, VCX NANO for Ford Mazda/ GDS2, VXDIAG Multi Tool, etc. The Hard Drive/SSD comes with the diagnostic software including BMW, BENZ, GM, Ford/Mazda, Toyota, Honda, VW, Land Rover/Jaguar, Subaru, Volvo, VW, and Porsche. It’s recommended to use with laptops like LENOVO T420 T440 X201, DELL E5420 E6420, Panasonic CF53 54 31.

2023 2tb hard drive ssd with vxdiag full software


What is new in 2023 version?

The main difference is that BMW, Benz, VW, Ford/ Mazda, and Toyota software have upgrades, and more new BMW & GM car models are supported.

l  BMW software:

Old version: ISTA-D 4.32.15

New version: ISTA-D 4.39.20

Vehicle year: till 2023 now

l  Benz software:

New version: DAS/Xentry V2023.03

l  VW/Audi software:

New version: ODIS V11

l  Ford/ Mazda software:

Old version: Ford IDS V128.01, Mazda IDS V128

New version: Ford IDS V129.01, Mazda IDS V129

l  GM software:

Vehicle year: till 2022 now

l  Toyota software:

Old version: Toyota Techstream TIS V15.00.026

New version: Toyota Techstream TIS V16.20.023


Check the full software list below.

Brand Model Software Version Year Coverage
BMW BMW, Rolls Royce, MINI ISTA-D 4.39.20, ISTA-P 68.0.800 2004-2023
Benz Benz, Maybach, Smart, FUSO DAS/Xentry V2023.03,  DTS 8.13.029 2001-2022
VW/Audi Volkswagen, SIAT, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini ODIS 11 & ODIS-Engineer v14.1 2001-2021
JLR Jaguar, Land Rover JLR SDD V163, Pathfrander v374 2007-2016
Volvo Volvo Volvo VIDA 2014D 2000-2014
GM Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Opel, Horton GM GDS2 V2022.05/2022.06, Tech2win 23.002 2000-2022
Ford Ford Ford IDS V129.01 2005-2022
Mazda Mazda Mazda IDS V129 2005-2022
Toyota Toyota, Lexus, SAIN Toyota Techstream TIS V16.20.023 2000-2021
Honda Honda Honda Diagnostic System HDS V3.102.054 2005-2021
Subaru Subaru Monitor SSM3 V1.57.71.8 (2019.4), SSM4 V28.6.0 (2022.1) 2005-2021
Porsche Porsche PIWIS2 V18.100.000 2005-2016



  1. This set does not include JLR DOIP, PIWIS3 License.
  2. This VXDIAG can’t support All Key Lost, needs one key at least.
  3. Tech2WIN cannot support win7 64bit now. When run TECH2WIN, need to Choose device as MDI2 but not VXDIAG.


2TB Hard Drive with Full Brands Software for VXDIAG:


2TB SSD with Full Software for VXDIAG:



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