ALIENTECH KESS V3 vs. Autotuner

What’s the difference between ALIENTECH KESS V3 and Autotuner tuning tool? Which one is better to choose? Let’s take a look at each of them.

alientech kess v3 vs autotuner

The main difference:

Autotuner only supports German car brands via OBD. There is less ability for bench and boot, only supports power upgrades, and other functions are not available.

In addition,  it’s compatible with fewer than 1000 protocols.

No technical support, no after-sale, no online training.

However, KESS3 combines OBD, Bench and Boot mode in one tool. It supports 6500 protocols, newer and older vehicles. Besides, it has the largest tech support service in the industry.



The Autotuner was launched in 2019 and soon became a hit with tuners around the world. Its greatest strength is that it can do tuning for some BMW and Mercedes vehicles via OBD that were not available on other devices.


In addition, the Autotuner has no yearly license, so this has the advantage of giving lower running costs. In fact, the device is both an OBD tuning tool, and a bench tuning tool. Offering boot tuning is a key strong point in the market.


The processor power is fast! There is no doubt the Autotuner is one of the fastest tuning tools on the market, not only making your tuning time efficient. But of course, it means you are connected to the vehicles for less time. Hence reducing exposure to any risk.


Alientech Kess 3:

Alientech has pretty much ruled the tuning tool market for the past decade. The Kess has been seen as the go-to tuning tool by tuning professionals for many years. As the Kess V2 was looking a bit slow and dated, Kess V3 which combines the function of Kess2 and Ktag was launched.

It has the largest application list of any tuning tool on the market. Not only covers the newer and later vehicles, but also offers a huge back catalogue of vehicles from 1999. And the Alientech Kess also has huge international appeal. Not only has extensive European vehicle coverage But also very many vehicles from the USA, Asia, and other global vehicle manufacturers.


And the new Alientech Kess3 is fast, 7 times faster than its predecessor, and is said to have the largest fastest processor used anywhere in tuning


The Alientech technical support is also a very strong factor to consider. From time to time all tuners will have “a moment”. It could be a laptop issue, a loose cable, or an issue with a vehicle itself. When this happens, what you really want to know is the tool manufacturer has your back. Alientech does seem to have the largest support service in the industry, with fast helpful support when you’re in a tight spot.



1.Vehicle compatibility (Important factor)

  • KessV3: Excellent range of old and new cars, trucks, bikes, and agricultural vehicles. Can tune some of the Japanese vehicles.
  • Autotuner: Best tuning tool for cars newer than 2018. It does not have a good selection of trucks, bikes, and agricultural vehicles.

2.Protocols supported:

The protocols refer to the licenses that are added to tuning tools that allow you to read ECUs. The more protocols a tool has, the more ECU it will be able to read and write files to. Reading and writing files to an ECU it can either be done over the OBD port or by connecting directly to the ECU itself. In some instances, the manufacturers block the OBD port for reading and writing files and the only option is to read the file on the bench.

  • Kess V3: Can add protocols for Cars, Bikes, Tractors, and Trucks. Offers OBD + Bench tuning in one tool
  • Autotuner: Excellent selection of protocols for newer German cars. If you are considering tuning cars pre-2014, with some Toyotas, Isuzus, etc then the Autotuner is not the best tuning tool for you. Offers OBD + Bench tuning in one tool


The prices of chip tuning tools normally depend on master or slave versions, yearly fees, protocols added, and the cables required.


KessV3: Alientech support is very good and very reliable. In some cases, it can take a day or 2 to get a reply, but they have a dedicated team to help resolve any issues. In most cases, they are able to assist and recover the ECU.

Autotuner: Autotuner does offer support but in some cases, it’s not as good as the support we get from Aleintech. The Autotuner doesn’t have any yearly fees and there is a disadvantage to that.


In conclusion:

ALIENTECH Kess3 and Autotuner are both excellent choices. If you are tuning newer German cars, consider the Autotuner. If you are looking for a wide variety of cars, bikes, trucks, and agricultural vehicles, consider the Kess V3.

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