How to Choose Alientech ECM TITANIUM Full Version or Credit Version?

Alientech launched 3 versions of ECM TITANIUM software for Kess V3: full version, full promo version (full promotion version) and credit version. What’s the difference? How to choose? Check more details in this post.

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What is ECM TITANIUM software?

This mapping software is made by ALIENTECH that allows you to interpret and modify the files of the control unit easily and with accuracy. It is compatible with all the original files of cars, motorbikes, trucks, tractor and boats. It does not need other files or additional information as all are already included in the software.

To each original file corresponds a driver, supplied by Alientech, which decodes and makes available the parameters of the engine performance.

For example: spark advance, engine revolves, acceleration percentage and turbo pressure.

In this way, you can edit the related parameters modifying the performance of the engine.


What is the difference between ECM Titanium and WinOLS software?

Both of these software programs belong to the category of HEX editors. They are famous Tuning software for editing dumps.


The most interesting difference between these software and WinOLS is that it comes with a hardware lock. You can carry this software exclusively on a flash disk and use it anywhere on any laptop. However, WinOLS software can only be installed exclusively on one laptop and requires purchasing a new license for reinstallation on another laptop.


When you load any ECU file in ECM Titanium, this software automatically searches and finds drivers. Drivers are predefined maps made by Alientech for any ECU of vehicles, which contain different ECU maps such as torque, load, fuel, etc. Based on your knowledge and training, you can remap it. The main difference between ECM Titanium and WinOLS is that ECM Titanium finds maps and you only need to modify them, whereas in WinOLS, you need to find maps yourself and modify them.

WinOLS software:


  • Detect maps/Map Search (most important ability)
  • Offers a wider range of advanced tuning options
  • There are more truck users.


  • Need to purchase checksum correction separately
  • Higher cost than ECM TITANIUM
  • Proper map detection requires training and sometimes these maps may be incorrectly identified by the software.
  • Lack of effective tables in the dumps, and the user must prepare a map pack or extract the tables themselves, which requires training and experience.


ECM TITANIUM software:


  • Checksum correction is free
  • Has a wide range of user group incl. car, motorcycle, agricultural machinery
  • Easier and cheaper than WinOLS


What’s the difference between the Kess3 full ECM software and the credit version of the software?

Software version: 3.6


Update online

Item No.SE180

Price: €1,259

Need to bind with KESS V3 (offer the SN of Kess 3 Master)

Item No.SE180-B


Item No. SE180-C

Price: €850

Works with Item No. XNR-SS457 (Alientech ECM Titanium – 200x Download Credits for Driver)


1.There is no limit to use ECM Titanium full promo version and full version.

They come with 12 months new and additional subscription. However, to keep access to the free ECM drivers. After 12 months you will require a new Alientech ECM Titanium Subscription 12 months package. As such, without a new subscription, your ECM will revert to the credit version of the software.

2.For Full Promo Version, it requires you to offer the serial number for device binding when purchasing.

3.The Credit version is ideal for beginners (Credit for periodic or rare use). The price includes 1000 credits. With the ECM Credit version, the file “drivers” are not in the software as standard. Users purchase them as they need them. The payments are in and internal Alientech currency credits. The more credits you buy, the bigger discount you can get. Thus, if you buy a lot of credits at a time, the price of the function is lower.

Driver Prices:

  • Car Driver Download = 40 Credits
  • Bike Driver Download = 40 Credits
  • Truck Driver Download = 70 Credits
  • Agriculture Driver Download = 70 Credits
  • Marine Driver Download = 70 Credits


Once used up, you can recharge tokens:

Alientech ECM Titanium – 800x Download Credits for Driver

Alientech ECM Titanium – 400x Download Credits for Driver

Alientech ECM Titanium – 200x Download Credits for Driver


In conclusion:

If you don’t have an Alientech Kess V3, you can choose ECM Titanium Credit version. It can be updated to full version.


If you have a Kess V3 master version, you can choose the full promo version. No token issue. Need to renew license every year. It requires you to combine KESS3 master with ECM into same account.


If you don’t want to bind KESS3 with ECM into same account, choose the full version.


If buy KESS3 ECU programmer from, must buy ECM from us, otherwise, you cannot combine KESS3 with ECM. But if you buy KESS3 from others, you can still buy ECM from us.


Hope it helps you!

Original ALIENTECH KESS V3 with One Year Subscription:

Alientech ECM Titanium 3.0 Full Version with One Year Free Subscription:

Alientech ECM Titanium 3.0 Full Promo Version with One Year Free Subscription:

Alientech ECM Titanium 3.0 Credit Version with 1000 Credits:


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