Autel IM608 and G Box2 Program Mercedes-Benz W203 All Keys Lost on Bench

Autel G Box2 can do all keys lost for Mercedes-Benz via OBD or on Bench no more repeated insertions and removals of IR simulator. This post will introduce how to write a new BE key for Mercedes W203 all keys lost on bench via Autel IM608 & G Box2.

All tools need:
Mercedes W203 C180 year 2004
mercedes w203 c180

Autel MaxiIM IM608 full package + G Box2XP400 Pro
One blank key

Connect IM608 with Autel J2534 and G Box2
Connect XP400 Pro key programmer with APB125 adapter-> IR
Connect OBDII to G-Box2 and supply +12V

Main steps:
Step 1: Calculate EIS password in 1~4 Min
Step 2: Generate key file
Step 3: Write BE Key file via IR
Step 4: Test EIS status and working keys

Step 1: Calculate EIS password in 1~4 Min
Select “Mercedes Benz”-> “Expert Mode”-> “EIS Tools”-> “Read EIS data”-> “IR” -> “On Bench (G-BOX)”-> “W203 (K)”

Check the corresponding connection diagram
conection diagram im608

Follow the diagram to connect +12V, GND and T4

Insert the IR key simulator (APB125) into EIS

Note: If it is inserted, pull it out and insert again.
Then read EIS data via IR until it’s completed.
im608 read EIS data

Press “Yes” to read the key password by infrared. This process will take about 1-4 minutes.
The password has been got
im608 get password

Continue to check the EIS basic info and key info

Then save the current EIS data

Step 2: Generate key file
Back to “EIS Tools” menu-> Select “Generate key file”
It will show the EIS info and password
eis password

Select one unused key to operate such as “Key number 4 Not used/ Not disabled”
Then select “V51 (Half smart key)”

Generate the key and save key file

Step 3: Write BE Key file via IR
Go back to “Function list” menu-> Select “Key”-> “IR”-> “Write BE Key file”

Insert the third party blank key into the infrared keyhole on the XP400 Pro programmer
Choose the key number 4 file to write and wait for the key file writing is successful
im608 writing successfully

Step 4: Test EIS status and working keys
Finally, check if the key can turn the ignition on and the remote functions are normal.
Go to “EIS Tools”-> “Test EIS status and working keys”-> “On Bench (G-BOX)”
This function only supports OBD communication, please check that the OBD connection is correct.
Select “Test Working key”
Read out the current EIS type is W203 (K)

Insert the key into the EIS and remove the key 3 times
Then insert the key into the IR keyhole on the XP400 PRO programmer
Read EIS info and key
Read out the key is the working key of this vehicle, and now the key can start


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