(Solved) Autel IM608 Update Error Network Busy (#1) Error Code: 10008

Offer the solution for Autel IM608 update error “Network Busy (#1)” and “Error Code: 10008”.

Customer problem:
Have just done im608 update, now no network again.
It shows “Network busy (#1). Please try again later”.
network busy (#1)

Rebooting again.
Maybe sometime with the engineer remotely would help.
And again network error.
Now shows “Failed to obtain the server address. Error code: 10008”.
Error code: 10008
When attempting to read immo data from vehicle it hangs at 1%.

Then fails with the word “Step 1: Read IMMO data from vehicle engine. Failure, retry?”

Attempts to replace instruments, but also fails.
Attempts for elv, fails too.
Attempts for electric steering column lock, and replaces master ecu, fail again.
Maybe you could get instructions from engineer for ecu replacement it is an EDC17C46 ecu.
All keys have been lost and ecu replaced.
Maybe I am doing something wrong? I have done this on a 2012 golf and had no problem.
Attach the immo status and dtc info images for reference.

Finally, I select advanced mode also returns server network error.

The solution offered by eobdtool.co.uk engineer:
In general, the main reason for this error is that the network environment can’t access Autel server, the DNS domain IP address doesn’t allow it to access autel server.
It’s easy to solve this problem, please follow the steps below to operate.
Step 1: Go to Autel MaxiIM IM608 tablet [Settings] menu
Select [System settings]
im608 system settings

Step 2: Long press the connected network and select [Modify network]
im608 modify network

Step 3: Tick [Show advanced option] and select [Static]

Step 4: Change the DNS 1 IP address to 8:8:8:8:8, and press [Save] to save the data
im608 save data

Step 5: Then the MaxiIM IM608 key programmer will connect to the Autel update server successfully and you can download the update normally now.

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