Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 TPMS Tool Good as Snap-on with Half Price

If you want to handle all TPMS issues, you just need Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 then things done well! It has not only good performance but half price compared with the Snap-on! Below reviews will help you make up your mind.



  1. This will do everything you need for TPMS. I bought this for my shop after a sensor replacement on a 2012 Hyundai could not be programmed with our current equipment (some newer vehicles need this tool to actually write the sensor ID onto the module). Autel TPMS TS601 direct communicate and program to the TPMS module!!! I still have not seen a better product on the market!
  2. Before buying it I compared the pricing with similar products, – 1/2 the price of Snap-On. It works great and it has saved us a lot of time in our shop. Super easy to understand and operate, and it really does what it’s says, totally recommend this item, even thou it’s still pricy, but worth spending money, because it will make money back.
  3. I have had this scanner for about two weeks now and let me say wow! This thing is awesome! If you own a repair shop like I do this is a must have tool. Autel TS601 is so much better than the snap on scanner. I did a lot of tire work and this scanner helped me diagnose lots of tire sensors problems.

It does all TPMS sensors
Does key fobs
Great tool all around even does check engine lights too
The only thing I don’t like is the obd2 plug on the bottom of the scanner you have to be very careful when plugging the cord in so you don’t bend the pins for me it’s not so bad since I’m the only one using the tool but if you have a shop full of guys using it more than likely one of them will bend the pins.
Over all this is a MUST have tool for any shop

  1. I purchased this because none of the local tire shops had the programmer to reprogram a faulty sensor in my 2012 Tacoma and the nearest dealer is 130 miles away. Right out of the box didn’t even charge it. Read the instruction on programming my Toyota, 5 min later no more light and new sensor programmed and system working flawless now!
  2. It is very good and very powerful. TPMS TS601 has both Tire Pressure Sensor tool and OBD reader. It does not just read the codes but also display the live data. I found the live tracking of OBD data to be quite useful in diagnosing problems. I was surprised to see such a comprehensive list. I would buy it again if I needed more than one.