High-end Scanner Comparison: Autel vs Snap-on vs Launch vs Bosch

This article is a comparison review of 4 high-end diagnostic systems: Autel MaxiIM IM608, BOSCH ADS625, Snap-on Zeus and Launch Torque.

Generally, these scanners except Launch Torque are auto off and we can get on secure gateway with them. We’ll connect them to all 4 different vehicles:
Launch Torque(1,600$) – Ford
Autel IM608(3,000-3,500$) – Hyundai Elantra 2010
BOSCH ADS625(4,000-5,000$) – Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2014
Snap-on Zeus(7,000-12,000$) – BMW 328d 2014

Scan fault codes.
One good thing about the Bosch is that you can see codes as it scans and it has the most modules, but other three are already 100%.

Read data stream (on engine)
On the Bosch, it’s divided into data 1,2,3…Select data 1 and it’s buffering data, 200 frames. One thing I like is that you can select display forms (digital, line, bar) or change color.

On the Autel, it’s all there for you to select, that is, doesn’t group like Bosch. It doesn’t have to refresh every time you scroll it, so it’s a lot faster. It also has graph, line and a different cluster. I really like color scheme of Autel IM608 & MK908P.

On the Snap-on, it has categories and all there as we enter. I think Snap-on has the best layout. If you want to see something, you can grab it and puts it on the top. I cna also graph it, and I think it’s the best one.

On the Launch, just scroll down and it will compute so fast. You can almost graph all of them, but it doesn’t have a process ID like Autel.

Special function/actuation test (on engine)
Absolutely Bosch is the leader in this field. Although it cannot do immobilizer work like the Autel or pinout like the Snap-on, how handy its wiring diagrams are.
The Snap-on has tons of tests, and each has much info like test locations and pins out.
For Launch, basic function with lower price, but pretty fast and neat.
The strong point of IM608 is it does immobilizers, it does keys programming, and the diagnosis function is really fast and awesome.

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