How to DIY clone& program TPMS sensor by Autel MaxiTPMS Pad?

This is a guide to show you how clone and program a new TPMS sensor using Autel MaxiTPMS Pad. (When replace old working/ broken sensor) It makes you avoid having to visit your car dealer!

To know which sensor type your car need, 315MHz or 433MHz?

Check a list for US market here:

Check a list for EU market here:

How to clone/ program a new TPMS sensor for your car?

Tool you use:

Autel MaxiTPMS Pad TPMS Sensor Programming Accessory Device

New TPMS sensor you need:

Autel MX-Sensor 433MHz/315MHZ Universal Programmable TPMS Sensor

  1. Let’s start!

First, install the software on computer/ laptop:

  1. Autel TPMS Pad package will come with a software CD. (Operating system: Windows XP/ Vista/7)
  2. Insert the CD into CD drive. In most cases software will launch automatically for installation and all you need to do is to follow the instructions on PC screen.
  3. If not, click on “My Computer”, locate the removable storage drive displays as “MaxiTPMS PAD” and double click it to launch the auto install process.

Next, connect MaxiTPMS Pad with laptop with USB cable in package. When pad power up you can see the green indicator is on.

Then, you can use MaxiTPMS Pad to program Autel MX-Sensor!

For example: 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L

  1. Click “Honda” on main menu.

Choose “Odyssey” and “2008-2010”

  1. Put the old TPMS sensor on pad

Choose “Test sensor”, click “Test” and soon test success. Autel MaxiTPMS Pad read out the sensor ID!

  1. Put the new Autel universal TPMS sensor on pad. Click “Program” and wait it program success.

Autel MaxiTPMS Pad also test and clone TPMS sensor directly from sensor at car tire!