Best BMW E F series CAS3 , CAS4, FEM / BDC key programmer

I have both Yanhua ACDP and CGDI BMW pro, yes both are good on E and F series especially for keys.

I would like to include Yanhua ACDP BMW key programming and CGDI BMW key programming function menu to the real test reports in the form of youtube video, PDF file, words & pictures etc.

1. Yanhua ACDP BMW key programming Test Reports
Yanhua ACDP Program BMW CAS4 FEM BDC All Key Lost

Yanhua Mini ACDP Adds BMW FEM Key

Yanhua ACDP Program BMW CAS4+ all keys lost

Yanhua Mini ACDP Program BMW CAS4/CAS4+ Key

Yanhua Mini ACDP Program BMW CAS3+ without Soldering

Yanhua Mini ACDP Add 08 BMW 3 Series CAS3 Key via OBD

Yanhua ACDP BMW key programming review:

1). I got Yanhua mini ACDP programming tool since a week and I am excited
M35080 Programming needs some improvements, there are some bugs (tested on 4 dashs, and its better to desolder)
Serial EEP 24XX, 25XX, 93XX, 95XX works like a charm (but tested on only 3 Eeps)
Tried several CAS4 to Read without any problems, Mileage reset works too
CAS3 tested only 1 but read without problem
On a another group they reported to create successfully keys on FEM/BDC and CAS4

2). Reading eprom cas4 and make a key for f11 so far done.
Cant say much more.
cas4 reading eprom compared with vvdi reading and its matching 100%

Related basic module + authorized modules that you need:

1) Yanhua Mini ACDP basic set


Price €172

2) Module 1: Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW CAS1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3+ CAS4 CAS4+ module

Click for Image source

Price €300

3) Module 2: Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW FEM/BDC Module

Click for image Source

Price €349

Conclusion: Yanhua Mini ACDP €172 + module 1 €300 + module 2 €349=€821

Attach Mini ACDP BMW programming function menu:

Incl. FEM/BDC, DME ISN,FEM/BDC restore, CAS4/CAS4+, CAS3/CAS3+, CAS2, M35XX, FRM programming, BMW key refresh etc.

Mini ACDP program key on CAS3/CAS3+ option: OBD mode, ICP MC9S12XDP512 (Mask OL15Y/OM23S), ICP MC9S12DG256 (Mask OLO1Y)

Mini ACDP program key on CAS4/CAS4+ option: ICP 9S12XDP512 (Mask 1L15Y), ICP 9S12XEP100 (Mask 5M48H/1N35H), Special features.

Yanhua Mini program key on ACDP FEM/BDC

OBD detect FEM/BDC

Mode 1:add key

Mode : add key (All key lost)

Delete key

Reset mileage

Enable key (Need working key)

Disable key (Nee working key)

Identify key

Backup IMMO data

Write IMMO data


2. CGDI BMW key programming test reports

BMW CAS3 key match via CGDI Prog

CGDI Prog BMW do Mini Cooper R56 CAS3 All Key Lost key programming

More in the .pdf files format:

BMW CAS4+ copy key when all keys lost with CGDI

BMW CAS4+ add key with CGDI

BMW CAS4 add key with CGDI

BMW CAS3+ copy key when all keys lost with CGDI

BMW CAS3+ add key with CGDI

BMW F series programming with CGDI

BMW F series coding with CGDI


CGDI BMW Prog Review:

cas4 F10 – ok (new key)

cas4+ F10 – ok (new key) isn from org key or dump DME

fem/bdc F31 – ok – reset mileage, change isn, change vin, make keys with oryginal key and with dump from DDE

cas3+ E60- ok , downgrade and make key with isn from org key

CGDI PROG bmw f20 2014 mileage reset OK

Read ISN DME MSD80 OK 5WK93628

program bdc key via obd for bmw x6 ok!

add key to bmw x5 successfully

program key to 2016 BMW 5-series ok

program key for BMW 523Li OK

Program BMW FEM all key lost done!

program FEM for F30 328 2013 ok

programing orignal key for BMW 325 ok

add new key to BMW 3 series ok.

program bmw m3 key done!

Cas 2 – E60 2005 lost key – Obd – not working ( no option to program from dump)

Cas 3+ E87 2008 spare key – eeprom dump – ok

F10 – key from dump – OK

F10 LCI – key from dump and isn from working key – OK

F10 LCI – key from dump and isn from DDE – OK

E60 LCI – downgrade CAS3+ and key via OBD – OK


Related CGDI BMW main unit & authorizations:

1) CGDI BMW main unit


Price: €539 free shipping

2) BWM FEM/BDC Authorization for CGDI BMW

Provide serial number of CGDI Prog BMW MSV80, then the factory will provide you activation ID for your machine, then update your machine to get this authorization.


Price: €115.99

CGDI BMW €539 + FEM/BDC Authorization 115.99 = €655 in total

Hope it helps!