Use Yanhua ACDP to Add Key for 08 BMW 3 Series CAS3

Yanhua ACDP supports CAS3 key programming via OBD. In this post, I will share a guide about using Yanhua ACDP to add key for BMW 08 3 series CAS3 via OBD.

Note: the ACDP software itself only support read and write CPU, if you want to do CAS3/CAS3+ key program, you could pay for the module:


First comes the video:


Car model: 08 BMW 3 series CAS3


OBD plug position:


insert the ACDP into the OBD plug


insert the car key


Turn to the Yanhua ACDP APP, and choose “BMW”->”CAS3 CAS3+”->”OBD mode”


There are 4 steps

Step1: Read CAS data


extract the key and wait for 5s then tap yes to continue


read IMMO data successful


save the data “CAS3_ORGKEYxxxx.bin”


step2:learn/disable key

check the BAV adapter connection and prepare a blank key


choose the IMMO data saved in step1


choose the key NO.


choose the way to program key, choose “add key with key”-> “not smart key”


insert the blank key


program successfully


save the data “…DLRKEY…bin” that would be used in step3


Step3: update CAS data

insert the original car key before update CAS data


choose the key data “…DLRKEY…bin” increased in step2


choose the way to program key: add key with key


updating CAS data


updated data successfully


extract the original key and then insert the new added key


successfully turn on switch and start engine!


if the Steering Lock is fault then need to do the ELV synchronization


choose “special functions”-> “synchronize ELV with CAS”


synchronize ELV with CAS successfully


insert the new key again and turn on switch, start engine and see dashboard shows normal and no fault code!

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