Best Tools to Start Out A Locksmith Career on European Cars

Here eobdtool collects different customer feedback on VVDI, Autel, Lonsdor, Xtool…mainly about their experience on European cars like VAG or BMW. Hope this article could help you at the beginning of your locksmith career.

Xhorse VVDI
Review – VVDI2 + VVDI Prog
vvdi2 + vvdi prog

VVDI2 is the 2nd tool I bought as it allows you to do anything. The challenge is that you need to know almost everything of “anything”. It has many options, asks for many clicks of mouse and saves files as you go.
(You may also need VVDI Prog to read EEPROM etc. because VVDI2 doesn’t do it via OBD.)

Review – VVDI2 + VCDS
VVDI2 works like a charm on old VAG vehicles. It also works nice on BMW and Asian brands. If you want a combination, I recommend VVDI2 and VCDS. On old vehicles, I use VVDI2 to read the password and VCDS to program keys.

Review – VVDI MB
xhorse vvdi mb

I’m on MB key programming in the last 2 weeks, using VVDI MB, made by Xhorse. Got the first-year unlimited tokens. Have produced 6-8 keys, reset a used diesel controller EDC17 and rewrite it with Ktag from a backup. I think this tool pay for itself this month.

Review – VVDI Key Tool Plus
vvdi key tool plus

Key Tool Plus, 100% save money in the long run. Now everyone has moved to tablet-work. Yes it still needs updates to cover the functions it replaces, but they have been updating it like crazy. I'm fairly happy with it.

Review – IM608
autel im608

If you can afford, buy Autel MaxiIM IM608, it’s a good tool to start with. Full locksmith capabilities and remains full diagnosis, coding and programming functions. I also have VVDI Key Tool Plus, but since I bought it, I found it’s not complete.

Review – IM508 full package
autel im508 full package

Over IM608, you can buy IM508, with G-box2, APB112, XP400Pro, it’ll save you a lot. In the beginning even later, many bi-directional coding functions you don’t actually need, so don’t have to pay it.

Review – Xtool Pad 2

I start with an Xtool X100 Pad 2. It works great, and pays itself in 3 days. Then I purchase an Autel IM608, the best investment I’ve made.

Review – K518S/K518ISE
lonsdor k518iselonsdor k518s

Londsor is a nice tool for VW, BMW and all Asian brands, but it costs an annual subscription fee to have all vehicle apps updated and the VW function available. By the way, I love its Ford function. Sometimes I really don’t have the access to network, it helps a lot.

A single tool to cover all functions or vehicles is impossible, and one tool is never enough for a professional job.

Everyone has moved to tablet tools, so at the beginning, if you have a high-end programmer, or I just say tablet like Autel IM608, you can consider other programmers that specialize in specific vehicle or function as your needs; if you don’t have one, you’d better choose a tablet tool as your career basis.

Once you walk on the path, the tool acquisition process starts but never ends. The only thing you can do is investing on more tools to enlarge your vehicle coverage and keep learning.

Great thanks to James, Gates, Albert, Stefaudio, Scott, Chris…

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