Three Different Versions of Multi-Diag Access J2534

Item   Category Multi-Diag Access J2534 (V II-2013) SP04-G Multi-Diag Access J2534 (V I-2013) SP04-D Multi-Diag Access J2534 (V 2011) SP04-C Function Support the diagnostic functions as follows: Maintenance;      Liaison to the ground;    Braking; Air conditioning;    Body;                 Motor; Pollution control;  … Continue Reading

For all discussions regarding the GM Tech 2 onboard diagnostics tool

This article is to illustrate the main, in the choice of goods, when to choose a good business – you can continue to provide technical support for businesses ( is one of them) Originally Posted by kraichle Done that. Tried… Continue Reading

How to delete BMW Transport Mode with DIS and INPA

Many BMW 2002 owners could encounter the “Transport Mode” problem as me. It can shut down A/C, heater, fan blower, defogger and some radio functions, door lock via key fob, central lock from inside, maybe other stuff. This occurred when… Continue Reading

What VCI choose for Jaguar & Landrover?

What’s the better Diagnostic VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) is better for JLR (Jaguar & Land Rover)? -Rotunda VCM High quality -VCM2 High Quality -JLR mangoose cable -Da-vina J2534 Pass-thru -VXDIAG vcx nano for JLR First of all, check the table… Continue Reading

Multi-Diag Access I-2014 with 23 brands and 5300 new systems Install

The post is about the installation on Multi-Diag Access I-2014 with 23 brands and 5300 new systems. Newly added feature with Multi-Diag Access I-2014: Cover 23 Brands of vehicles Cover 5300 New Systems Multi-Diag Access I-2014 OS:  Windows XP; Windows… Continue Reading

FAQ Lexia-3 PP2000 at

Here is the frequently asked questions from Lexia-3 PP2000 at Hope this help you all. Compatible device for the FAQ: Lexia 3 PP2000 FAQ: Q1: when install Lexia-3 Diagbox software, error message reading “ERROR Lexia: error during installation of… Continue Reading

Tips: change parameters in BSI and Engine ECU with Diagbox

Car model and year: Brazilian 308 1.6, EC5 “flex” engine Device I bought and use: Cruise control stalk PP2000 diagnostic interface I bought lexia 3 PP2000 with diagbox V7.57 from My purpose: To Change parameters in the Engine BSI and… Continue Reading

2015 EOBDTOOL.CO.UK “Double 11” Promotion

EOBDTOOL.CO.UK 2015 Double 11—the biggest shopping carnival is coming… What is “Double 11”? “Singles’ Day” / “Double 11” (November 11th )/“Shuang shiyi”/“Guanggun Jie” (Chinese: 光棍节;pinyin: Guānggùn Jié; Wade-Giles: Kuang-kun chieh; literally: “bare sticks holiday”) is a day for people who are single, celebrated on November 11 (11/11).… Continue Reading