VIDENT iLink400 Land Rover Freelander 2 diagnostic and special function


VIDENT iLink400 Land Rover scan tool performs Freelander 2 diagnostic and special function via OBD, here we go for procedure.

  1. Diagnosis:

Plug the VIDENT iLink400 Scan tool to Land Rover Freelander 2 via OBD port.

Enter the Application menu and select vehicle model “Landrover”

Loading Data. Please wait…

Select “Land rover”

Select “Automatic Selection”

This model supports the following models:

1Range Rover(2006-)

2Range Rover Sport




Select “Freelander”

Communicating with the vehicle, please wait…

VIDENT iLink400 will show the vehicle information:

Press “F1” to continue

Select “Diagnosis”


Select “Control Unit”

Please wait-loading data

It will show the vehicle systems, you can choose what you want.

Here I choose “PCM-Powertrain control module” as example

Diagnostic System Initializing, please wait…

Select “Read Codes”

Wait a minute, it will show the DTCs and meaning of each DTCs.


Press down button to check all DTCs

And choose the DTCs you want, it allow you to press “F1” to save.


Then press any key to continue

Press “ESC” and select “Erase Codes”


Ensure ignition on and engine stopped.

Press “F1” and it will prompt you with message:

“DTCs and Freeze Data will be lost

Do you wish to continue”

Press “F1” to continue

Communicating with the vehicle, please wait…

Erase Done!

Press “ESC”, then select “Live Data”.

Communicating with the vehicle, please wait…

Select “All Data”

Data List

Esc to select “Custom List”

It allows you to check the data you want to view


And press “F2” to view on Two Graphic


Part 2: Vident iLink400 operates special function:

Esc to the main menu to select “Hot Function”

Hot functions show as below including:

Oil reset, Electric parking brake, TPMS, Brake bleed, DPF & SCR, Immo & keys,

Steering, Suspension,  Throttle, Window door and roof, seats, headlamp etc.

Take “Electric Parking Brake” for example:


ESC to main menu to select “Service”


Select “Powertrain”

Transfer case

Back to Service menu to select “Chassis”

Brake system


Back to “Body”


Go on……