ECU chip tuning tool buying advice: KESS, KTAG, CMD or BDM100?

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How BDM100 Read and Write Bosch EDC16 ECU? (Steps)

BDM100 ECU chip tuning tool is universal ECU programmer that allows us to read and write ECU. This blog is going to show you how to use BDM100 to read and write Bosch EDC16 ECU step by step. Hope it… Continue Reading

Ktag V2.13 FW6.070 ReadOpel Insignia ECUEDC17C59 in EEPROM

Check this article to learn how to reading Opel Insignia ECU EDC17C59 in EEPROM TC1767 using cheap V2.13 K-TAG ECU Programmer.   Vehicle to be tested Opel Insignia   First,you need to get the unit — V2.13 Ktag, €74.99 at… Continue Reading

MPPS V18 Correctly reads EDC17cp14 in Bootmode from Jarol (thanks a lot)

Hello I bought MPPS V18 interface. I tested it with a variety of ECU and it works very well. All the tested ECU without problem reads and writes. If you want I can put videos of these tests. I was programming different drivers EDC15, EDC16u1, EDC16u31, EDC16u34, EDC17cp14i EDC17cp20. Below link to the video Mpps v18 Correctly reads EDC17cp14 in Bootmode: I added also reviews with a link to the video: and MPPS V18 how-to guide: Regards Jarol