CG FC200 Clone ECU on BMW/Benz/VW/AUDI- All Work Fine!

CG FC200 auto ECU programmer not only supports BMW ECU data reading, writing and clone, but also can clone Mercedes-Benz 271 Audi Volkswagen 06J and other ECU types.

Here have collected the related test reports.

The test:
Download and install CG FC200 software before use.
Run FC200 software
Click ‘license’ on the main interface to view the authorization list
Then click ‘Update authorization’ to update license

Follow the wiring diagram in the CG FC200 software to connect FC200 ECU Programmer and the corresponding ECU, and connect to the laptop
Plug in the FC200 DC12V interface with 12V power supply.

1. CG FC200 clone VW Bosch ME17.5.22 TC1724

Select ‘VW’>> Input the Bosch model in the search box
The ECU has been detected is BOSCH ME17.5.22 TC1724.
Click ‘Platform’ to the main operation interface

  • Identify the ECU info- OK

The connection is successful
Read out the chip, SN and hardware ID successfully
The chip is TC1724.

  • Modify VIN- OK

Backup the original data info
Input the new VIN

  • Read DFlash- OK

Read DFlash data successfully, save it

  • Read PFlash- OK

It takes about 5 minutes to read PFlash.
Verify file successfully.

2. CG FC200 clone BMW F Series 6HP TC1766 ECU

Select BMW>> Input ‘6HP’ in the search box>> ECU>> Platform

Identify the ECU info>> Backup data>> Restore data
Works fine!

3. CG FC200 clone Mercedes Continental SIM271DE ECU
Issue: the engine was water damaged and car no longer starts

Connect FC200 and Benz ECU
Connect FC200 and Benz ECU

Select Mercedes>> MB Continental SIM271DE>> Platform

Internet is good connection
Identify ECU>> Backup data>> Read DFLASH, PFLASH, EXT EEPROM successfully
Finally, save the original data.

4. CG FC200 clone AUDI VAG TEMIC DL382 TC1784
How to Clone AUDI VAG TEMIC DL382 TC1784 by CG FC200?

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