How to Clone AUDI VAG TEMIC DL382 TC1784 by CG FC200?

CG FC200 programmer can clone Audi gearbox computer by reading and writing DFlash, EXT DFlash and PFlash data. Check how to operate with AUDI VAG TEMIC DL382 TC1784 as an example.

Please Kindly notice:
◎FC200 software requires authorization before use
◎Click Authorization Information button on the main interface to view the authorization list
◎Click the Update Authorization button
◎If “No” is still displayed after updating authorization, please contact customer service.

The operation guide:
Connect FC200 to AUDI DL382 gearbox via the professional cable, and connect to the computer via USB cable
The wiring diagram can be found in the CG FC200 software

Run CG FC200 software
Select AUDI
If you are not sure which ECU it is, check the model on the gearbox, and input it in the search box.
Then click ‘Platform’

Click ‘Identification’ to read the gearbox info
-This function can help us to check whether the communication of the module is normal and the wiring is correct.

Then click ‘Read DFlash’, ‘Read EXT DFlash’ and ‘Read PFlash’ to read the corresponding info and save in sequence

After backup data successfully, go to write DFlash, EXT DFlash and PFlash in sequence.

It’s easy to do, just follow the prompt on the screen to perform.
When the data writing process is completed, that means the gearbox has been clone successfully. Just install the gearbox back to the vehicle, and turn the ignition on to test.

Alright, that’s the whole process of AUDI gearbox clone with CG CF200 programmer. No need to do matching and online programming.

CG FC200 ECU Programmer is coming soon!
Learn more info, please check