Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 User Manual: Installation, Online Update

Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 is a new key cutting machine from Xhorse brand, with a small volume and lightweight, it is used on Android and iOS App via Bluetooth. This article is available with installation and online update instructions.

Installation instruction on Xhorse Dolphin XP-005

Part 1: How to install/ uninstall cutter and probe?

1.Installation steps:

Step 1: Put the cutter into the cutter mounting hole and push the cutter to the limit

Drop the cutter 2-5 mm down

When the screw is perpendicular to the notched part of the side of the milling cutter, the locking screw and the fixed milling cutter

Step 2: Push the probe into the probe mounting hole and the tip of probe need to be higher than the tip of cutter

Turn the ‘probe locking screw’ clockwise until the probe is locked.

2.Uninstallation steps:


Step 1: Unscrew the locks for cutter and probe counter-clockwise until they are loosened off

Step 2: Take the cutter or probe off when it is loose

Part 2: How to install clamp?

Step 1: Unscrew the clamp locking screw

Step 2: Choose the proper clamp for your keys

Slide it into the clamp holder

Push it to the limit from right side

Step 3: Fix the clamp locking screw until the clamp is locked

Clamp display:

Clamp M1

Clamp M2

Clamp M3

Clamp M4

Online Update on Xhorse Dolphin XP-005

Part 1: How to update database online?

Open Dolphin XP-005 main menu

Select “Update”-> “Database update”

If you find a new version, click “Update” and download

Click on “OK” after download database success

Please kindly notice:

If cellphone connected by mobile Internet data, a prompt saying that download maybe costs data fee, recommend downloading by WiFi.

Part 2: Update by upgrade kit

There are three ways to get the update package:

1.Contact your distributor and ask for “Upgrade Kit”

2.Send an email titled “Update tool” to support@xhorse.com

3.Consult with online customer service on Xhorse App

Step-by-step to update both database and firmware with update package:

Step 1: Connect the Dolphin with a computer through USB cable

Run “Upgrade Kit”, and click “Find Device”

Step 2: The connected device will be recognized and shown on left corner

Step 3: Pay attention to the prompt “Select device not found, please try to replug device or install driver. Try to install driver? (Restart the computer after installation)”

Follow the tips and click “Yes” to install driver

Step 4: Select “DOLPHIN 1” and install driver

Step 5: Click “Upgrade” when the dolphin machine is found

Step 6: Please make sure the USB cable is always connected when upgrading

Wait for a few minutes to complete upgrading

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