(Solved) FVDI 2018 “The device has been deactivated”

Sometimes, it may prompt that “The device has been deactivated” when you use FVDI 2018 (SVCI 2018) software has been installed. Don’t worry about this problem, and just follow the method below to solve it.

Solution 1:
Step 1: Disable or uninstall all the antivirus software
Free download FVDI 2018 KeyRecovery_online

Step 2: Open [setting.ini] file, change to your own serial number and save
Step 3: Run KeyRecovery_Online

Then follow the instruction on the screen to operate

Solution 2:
If you are new to FVDI 2018, try solution here:
The Quick Loader V2.0 is out of service, have to reinstall V3.0 software!! Download software and install.


Or without Internet —C /Program X86-Abrites -open folder with mark where the loader is and start Loader from there.

If your FVDI works normally but has the same error.

Please provide the serial number of your SVCI 2018 device and country/area to eobdtool.co.uk.

Our engineer will solve the issue.

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