How to Register & Update Launch X431 PAD VII?

Launch X-431 PAD VII (Global Version Without IP Limitation) is an unexpected high-end diagnostic tool from Launch, comes with the ADAS calibration function + 32 service functions + TPMS service + 8 extended modules functions. New Smartlink C VCI powers technicians a new diagnostic level without the limitation of diagnostic functions, tools and vehicle types. Read the guide below if it’s the first time you work with it.

How to Register:
On Homepage, just press “X-431 PAD VII” to enter the menu.

Press “Login” and then “New Registration”.

Then input necessary information as the prompt.

Click on “REGISTER” to confirm.
Tear off the seal to get the activation code

Click on “ACTIVE” to confirm.
Register successfully.

How to Update:
For the first-time use, the device would jump into the updated interface after successful registration.

We can click on “Update Immediately” or later we enter update menu manually.
On the update menu, we can see what software versions we can update or download.

Choose the software you need and click on “Update” to download.

X431 PAD 7 Update:
With 1 Years Free Update Online, after one year, the update cost is $599 for two years, $450 for one year.

If any questions, check the video below.