How to Reprogram Nissan Leaf HV Battery with SVCI ING?

It has been confirmed that SVCI ING Nissan diagnostic tool can reprogram HV battery (update HV battery firmware) on Nissan Leaf. Here comes the related guide, just go ahead to check it.
svci ing

Before operation, please make sure your BAOCHI cloud diagnostic software has been updated to the latest version- SVCI ING V1.7

System requirement:
Windows: Windows7/8/10
Android: Android V5.1 above
Network: 3G above

Then, go to operate as follows.
Plug the SVCI ING interface into the vehicle’s OBD and start the vehicle
Connect SVCI ING Bluetooth dongle to laptop via USB cable
Please refer to the following connection diagram.
svci ing connection diagram

When the left indicator of the device turns on and the right indicator flashes, that means the connection is normal.
Click “Add a Bluetooth device” on the computer
The Bluetooth state is on, and the PC will discover the Bluetooth device automatically, and then pair.
Run BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic software
Login with your available email and password have been registered

Go to “Special functions”-> “All”-> “Re/programming”-> “Nissan/INFINITI/Datsun/GTR”-> “Reprogram”-> “HV Battery”

It will take about one minute to program the HV battery.
Note: Don’t interrupt any operation. Just wait patiently!

When the programming is done, turn ignition OFF/ON several times. Then click “OK” on the screen and clear DTC.

Reference: SVCI ING Program Nissan TCM Module Quick Guide

Have fun!