How to Solve MB SD C4 Plus DOIP W223 C206 213 167 Not Support?

The MB SD C4 Plus DOIP MB Star Diagnostic Tools (item No.SP100-B1) which are delivered before April 11th, 2023 don’t support W223 C206 213 167 new Benz models. This problem can be solved now.


The solution:

Short-circuit the two points of the WiFi card according to the following figure.

mb sd c4 plus w223 c206 213 167 not support solution 1

After short-circuited, don’t use wifi. If you need to use wifi, please disconnect short-circuit points first.



The MB SD C4 Plus which is delivered after April 11th, 2023, and Super MB Pro M6+ (Item No. SP436 series) don’t need to short-circuit wifi card, both of them support new Benz W223 C206 213 167 models.


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