How to Upgrade SEC E9 Tablet PC EU Version

SEC E9 Newly Update to V16.0.0.3, new key data are added, this blog, will show you how to update SEC E9 Tablet PC step by step

After upgrading successfully, the tablet PC will automatically jump to the main page.

After upgrade, the Software version is V16.0.0.3, Database version is V15.16.

Newly added key data includes:
1. YM23 8-cut(IC card 1896)key

2. FIAT 500L key and key code

3. ONDA motorcycle CB150 key

4. Oldsmobile, Mahindra, maruti key and key code

Improved key data includes:
1. Improved Hyundai,Kia,Toyota menu: add new choices of manufacture year in and after 2015.

2. Hyundai,Kia,Toyota key and key code

3. HONDA(IC card 982)key code

4. Mitsubishi,Maserati,Chevrolet key code

Please strictly follow the instructions below

1. Click here and connect wifi

2. Click “Setup”

3. Click “wifi”

4. Connect wifi here
5. Click “upgrade check”

6 When below interface shown, pls click Update


1. Please keep the Wifi linked when upgrade

2. Please keep the network smooth

3. Please do not close tablet PC when upgrading

4. Please do not operate the tablet PC when downloading the upgrade files.

5. Please disconnect Wifi after upgrade is done. ( otherwise the system will generate garbage when tablet PC updates automatically . Also cause the system to run slowly.)

More information, please check on: