SEC E9 Upgrade of Key Code Database

SEC E9 Key Cutting Machine new update available: Software version is, Database version is 15.16. New key data are added, you can checking following information


Newly added key data includes:
1. YM23 8-cut(IC card 1896)key

2. FIAT 500L key and key code

3. ONDA motorcycle CB150 key

4. Oldsmobile, Mahindra, maruti key and key code


Improved key data includes:

1. Improved Hyundai,Kia,Toyota menu: add new choices of manufacture year in and after 2015.

2. Hyundai,Kia,Toyota key and key code

3. HONDA(IC card 982)key code

4. Mitsubishi,Maserati,Chevrolet key code

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