Kess V2 Truck Cable 144300K201 Pinout

Thanks to @ wajda who has this Kess V2 Truck Cable 144300K201 made by himself it’s simply. everything is in kess using help button in truck section. and he tested this cable work perfect in DAF105 MAN TGX, TGA.

Universal cable 144300K201:

  1. Pinout for Renaultvehicles

Cable consisting of 5 wires:

White = CAN H

Green /Black = CAN L

Yellow = K -Line

Red = Power supply ( +12V)

Black =GND

  1. Pinout for Renaultvehicles:

Description  Color   Pin

GND        Black   PIN 5

+24V        Red    PIN 16

K -LINE EDC   Yellow  PIN3

  1. Pinout for Daf Delphi vehicles:

Description  Color   Pin

GND        Black   PIN 5

+24V        Red    PIN 16

K -LINE EDC   Yellow  PIN14

Thanks to Lanrance for editing.

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