How to use OPCOM to program remote central locking

Here I would like to share a guide on how to guide to programming a NEW REMOTE CENTRAL LOCKING BOARD to your Astra Mk4 via op com 1.59.
You will need the following tools:
1. NEW remote central locking board (PCB).
2. A key for the vehicle.
3. Your Security Pass for the car.
4. Op com interface and software.
5. A laptop to run Opcom software.
Here is the instruction:
1. Put the new remote central locking board into your key.
2. Put the key into the ignition and turn so the battery lights etc come on, but do not start the car.
3. Connect opcom to the laptop and the car.


4. Start up opcom and click on DIAGNOSTICS.
5. Select year of car.
6. Select model of car.
7. Select BODY.
10. Select SECURITY CODE from menu (this should be the only one available at the time).
11. Enter your SECURITY CODE and click OK.
12. Select PROGRAMMING REMOTE CAR KEY from menu.
13. Now just follow the on screen instructions.
14. Click on CLOSE.
15. Exit the software and disconnect OP COM China clone interface.
16. Open and close door, now try locking your door and then dead lock it. Once you have done this unlocked and all should be done.
Opcom OP-Com 2010 V Can OBD2 Opel:

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