How to set 2010 Opel Zafira-B speed control lock with Op-com CAN OBD2 tool

Speed dependent lock function:
Speed dependent lock can prevent people entering the car and children getting off the car when parents are absent. By setting it, the front doors can be open from inside but the back doors can not be opened from inside, so that the children’s safety would be guaranteed.
How to enable/activate Speed dependent lock with op com China clone:
Vehicle model: 2010 Zafira-B 1.8
OBDDiagnostic cable:
Opel Opcom Op-com 2010V or 2010.08V CAN OBD2 Firmware V1.59
1.       Install Op-com 2010V software
2.       Connect opcom CAN OBD2 cablewith vehicle via OBD port
3.       Select Diagnostic in the main function menu
4.       Select vehicle year: 2008
5.       Select vehicle model: Zafira-B
6.       Select Body
7.       Select REC
8.       Select and click program on the right in REC interface
9.       Select Security code
10.   Manually enter the Security code
11.   Select Program variant config
12.   There are many function options, select Speed dependent lock
13.   Set Speed dependent lock status from NOT PRESENT to PRESENT
14.   Select Program and save settings
15.   Exit op-com software program
16.   Press the central lock button for 3 sec until the red indicator light turn off
17.   Setting is complete
18.   Drive a road test. If it does not work, repeat Step 15 and it will work. 

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