Hyundai/Kia 95910-N7070 Airbag Reset by OBDSTAR P50 on Bench in 3 Mins

Confirmed! OBDSTAR P50 with the newest airbag reset software V30.33 perfectly reset airbag on Hyundai/Kia 95910-N7070 via bench mode no issues. OBDSTAR P004 Adapter with Jumper Airbag Reset Kit and CAN FD Adapter are required. Only takes 3 mins for whole operation process.


All devices prepared:

OBDSTAR P50 airbag reset tool

Main cable

OBDSTAR P004 Adapter+ P004 Jumper


Hyundai/Kia 95910-N7070 airbag ECU

obdstar p50 reset hyundai kia airbag on bench 1


Turn on OBDSTAR P50 tablet

Connect the device to internet and make sure the network connection is normal


1.Search Hyundai/Kia part number + Connect P50 and ECU

Tap Airbag Reset>> All>> Airbag Reset icon>> Airbag Reset V30.33>> Manual Select Model>> HYUNDAI/KIA>> Auto Search Part Number

obdstar p50 reset hyundai kia airbag on bench 2

obdstar p50 reset hyundai kia airbag on bench 3

Input the related part number which is on the ECU label and confirm if the value is correct

obdstar p50 reset hyundai kia airbag on bench 4

Then enter next step

The ECU supports OBD and CANFD modes, and CANFD mode needs to be connected with OBDSTAR CAN FD adapter. Press ESC to enter CANFD mode

obdstar p50 reset hyundai kia airbag on bench 5

Click Operation Instruction to learn more detailed steps to reset airbag easily

Click Pinout to check the related wiring diagram, and follow it to connect P50 and airbag ECU

Press the resistors and Start button on P004 adapter to ON

Also need to supply power to P50 tablet via the 12V2A charger

obdstar p50 reset hyundai kia airbag on bench 6

obdstar p50 reset hyundai kia airbag on bench 7


2.Reset airbag

After connection, start to enter airbag reset in CANFD mode process.

obdstar p50 reset hyundai kia airbag on bench 8

  • Read ECU info- OK

Read out the ECU Part Number and ACU Code

obdstar p50 reset hyundai kia airbag on bench 9

  • Read DTC- OK

There is a crash fault code appearing on the screen- CRASH RECORDED in 1st stage only frontal

obdstar p50 reset hyundai kia airbag on bench 10

  • Erase Crash- OK

Then go to erase the crash fault

Erase crash success, disconnect the 12V power supply and wait for 30 second, and then reconnect the 12V power supply

obdstar p50 reset hyundai kia airbag on bench 11

  • Check if crash is erased successfully- OK

Read DTC again, and the crash fault code disappears, it means the crash has been erased.

obdstar p50 reset hyundai kia airbag on bench 12

Alright, it’s much easy and fast to reset Hyundai/Kia Airbag by OBDSTAR P50 airbag reset tool with the detailed instruction inside.


Video guide:


OBDSTAR P50 airbag reset software V30.33 adds more 19 Hyundai Part Number and 21 KIA Part Number. Check the details in the following tables.

Brand Part Number ECU Manufacture Memory Ecu Info Read DTC Erase DTC Read EEPROM Write EEPROM Erase Crash
Hyundai 95910-3S000 Mobis 95256
Hyundai 95910-3S100 Mobis 95256
Hyundai 95910-3S210 Mobis 95256
Hyundai 95910-3S300 Mobis 95128
Hyundai 95910-B1700 Autoliv XC2336A
Hyundai 95910-CG500 Mobis 95512
Hyundai 95910-CH310 Continental R7F7015803
Hyundai 95910-CJ310 Continental R7F7015803
Hyundai 95910-CW000 Continental R7F7015803
Hyundai 95910-CW100 Continental R7F7015803
Hyundai 95910-CZ000 Continental R7F7015803
Hyundai 95910-G9000 Autoliv XC2361A
Hyundai 95910-J3900 TRW 95256
Hyundai 95910-K5000 Continental R7F7015803
Hyundai 95910-K9150 TRW TC23xx-32F
Hyundai 95910-O6000 Veoneer TC23xx-32F
Hyundai 95910-P4300 Veoneer TC23xx-32F
Hyundai 95910-R0500 Veoneer TC23xx-32F
Hyundai 95910-S5400 Mobis 95256


Brand Part Number ECU Manufacture Memory ECU Info. Read DTC Erase DTC Erase Crash
KIA 95910-2K150 Mobis 95640
KIA 95910-2T410 Mobis 95128
KIA 95910-4E400 Mobis 95128
KIA 95910-M6850 Continental R7F701019
KIA 95910-N7010 Continental R7F7015803
KIA 95910-N7030 Continental R7F7015803
KIA 95910-N7050 Continental R7F7015803
KIA 95910-N7070 Continental R7F7015803
KIA 95910-N9000 Continental R7F7015803
KIA 95910-N9010 Continental R7F7015803
KIA 95910-N9050 Continental R7F7015803
KIA 95910-N9060 Continental R7F7015803
KIA 95910-N9080 Continental R7F7015803
KIA 95910-N9110 Continental R7F7015803
KIA 95910-P0000 Continental R7F7015803
KIA 95910-P0010 Continental R7F7015803
KIA 95910-P0100 Continental R7F7015803
KIA 95910-P0110 Continental R7F7015803
KIA 95910-P1310 Continental R7F7015803
KIA 95910-P1320 Continental R7F7015803
KIA 95910-R2320 Continental R7F7015803


For the newest vehicle coverage, check OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Coverage List.


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