Lonsdor ADP Adapter Update Toyota/Lexus 8A (AA A8 A9) Models till 2024

Lonsdor new update! Lonsdor ADP Adapter is able to add smart key without PIN code and do all keys lost without TOYOTA AKL License via OBD for the latest 2022, 2023, 2024 Toyota/Lexus 8A (AA A8 A9) models.
lonsdor adp adapter update 2024 toyota lexus 8a models

Compatible device:

Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S/K518 Pro

For all keys lost, K518S and K518ISE key programmer need to work with LKE emulator as well.

K518Pro has the built-in LKE function, no need to buy extra.


How to bind Lonsdor K518 and Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter?


How to Bind Lonsdor K518 Pro and Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter?


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