Lonsdor K518 Pro Update GM CAN FD/ Renault/ DACIA IMMO Programming Models

Lonsdor Tech released a grand upgrade for GM about CAN FD, Renault, and DACIA in Lonsdor K518 Pro Key Programmer in March, 2024.


1.Lonsdor K518 Pro/K518 Series Update Renault/ DACIA IMMO Programming

  • Update time: March 18th, 2024
  • Renault/ DACIA car models newly added:


Dacia\Logan\2006-2010\Mechanical key

Grand Scenic\2018-\Smart key

Kangoo\2012-\Kangoo II

Laguna\1994-2001\Mechanical key

Mascott\2003-2010\Mechanical key

Symbol\2006-2008\Mechanical key

Symbol\2010-2012\Mechanical key

Talisman\2015-2019\Smart key

Talisman\2015-2019\Mechanical key

ZOE\2012-2019\Smart key


Sandero stepway\2012-2020\Mechanical key

Dokker Stepway\2017-2021\Mechanical key

lonsdor k518 pro update renault immo 1


2.Lonsdor K518 Pro Update GM CAN FD IMMO Programming

  • Update time: March 19th, 2024
  • Buick/ Cadillac/ /Chevrolet/GMC car models newly added:


Middle East\SRX\2021-2023\Smart key

China\CT4\Smart key\2020-

China\CT5\Smart key\2020-

China\Escalade\2021\PEPS (CANFD)

USA/Canada\CT4\2020-\PEPS (CANFD)

USA/Canada\CT5\2020-\PEPS (CANFD)

USA/Canada\EscaladeESV\2023-\PEPS (CANFD)

USA/Canada\Escalade\2021-2023\Smart key

USA/Canada\SRX\2021-2023\Smart key

Middle East\Escalade\2021-2023\Smart key


Sierra 1500\PEPS (CANFD)\2021-2023

Sierra\PEPS\2020-2023\New version

Yukon XL\2022-2023\PEPS (CANFD)

Canyon\PEPS (CANFD)\2023\lmmobilizer


China\Encore\2021\Mechanical key

China\Envision Plus\2020\Smart key

China\Envision S\2020\Smart key

China\Envision\2020-\Smart key


China\Lacrosse\2023\Smart key\PEPS (CANFD)

China\Verano Pro\2021-2023\Smart key\PEPS (CANFD)

China\Verano Pro\2021-2023\Mechanical key\IMMO (CANFD)

China\Verano\2020-\Smart key

China\Verano\2020-\Mechanical key

China\Encore\2020-\Smart key

USA/Canada\Envision\2020\New version\PEPS (CANFD)

USA/Canada\Envision\2021-2023\PEPS (CANFD)


USA/Canada\Corvette\2021-2023\New version\PEPS (CANFD)

lonsdor k518 pro update gm can fd 2

*For more updating on K518 series, please scan QR code in the figure to acquire info.



  • The above GM CAN FD car models only apply to K518 Pro. Other K518 key programmers don’t support CAN FD protocol.
  • K518 Pro Key Programmer can support GM CAN FD car models with normal cable, no need a CAN-FD adapter.
  • Because GM banned all 3rd programmers, K518Pro cannot read PIN code for the latest GM CAN FD. Need to get Pin code from 3rd party.

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