Lonsdor K518 Program 2015-2018 Land Rover & Jaguar AKL & Add Key by OBD

Lonsdor K518S/K518ise adds the new function to do 2015-2018 Land Rover & Jaguar all keys lost& add key by OBD without dismantling. Check the related update info and operation guide.

Part 1: Londor K518 JLR update
It adds the new function as mentioned earlier and supports the following features.

  • AKL programming even under alarm state
  • FK72 version
  • Remote control
  • Emergency start
  • Smart start

Please kindly notice:
This function requires users to use Lonsdor specific key and open JLR license.

Smart key with optional 315MHz and 433MHz.
JLR license is permanent, won’t be expired.
Supports both add key and all keys lost.
Support Add Key on FK72 and HPLA version
All Keys lost on FK72 version.

Limited key available, first come, first served!
Lonsdor JLR License

Available link: https://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/lonsdor-jlr-license-and-smart-key.html

Note: Please provide the serial number of your Lonsdor key programmer to activate, no need shipping.

Part 2: How to program 2015-2018 Land Rover & Jaguar by Lonsdor K518

Path to do all keys lost or add new key:
Immo& Remote-> LAND ROVER-> Select from vehicle-> Land Rover (2015-2018)-> Smart key-> Type 4(program by OBD)-> All smart key lost or Identify smart key

Case:e.g. 2017 Jaguar XFL all keys lost in alarm state (Ver. FK72)

Lonsdor K518S/ K518ISE key programmer
2017 Jaguar XFL (Ver. FK72)
Lonsdor JLR Smart Key
One unlocked key previously programmed on the current car

Note: make sure the keys don’t work before the test.
Besides, make sure the Lonsdor JLR license has been activated before operation.

How to do:
Open the car door, the buzzer keeps beeping, car is in alarm state.
Go to “All smart key lost” function

Read the instruction on the screen and continue to do
If there is no key to start the car, click “Cancel” to generate key according to AKL procedure

Key position [01] generate key– select Lonsdor specific key for Jaguar Land Rover

Put the specific key (to be programmed) into K518 card slot.
Select option 1 “Lonsdor dedicated Jaguar /Land Rover key”
Click “Yes”
k518 car slot

Keep the key placed stably
After the 1st key is generated successfully, press the remote’s unlock button to disarm car alarm state.

Key position [02] generate key – select the unlocked key previously programmed on current car.
Put the specific key (to be programmed) into K518 card slot.
Select option 2 “The current vehicle has been matched with the unlocked original factory or the aftermarket key”
Click “Yes”
If it appears “Error Code: 05, ret= A4” error, the reason is that the key is not placed properly, please adjust the key position, retry to generate working key.

The 2nd key is generated successfully.

2017 Jaguar XFL AKL key programming by Lonsdor K518 is complete, exit the procedure.

Finally, test if the two keys’ remote/smart start function work normally.