Lonsdor K518 Series Super Update: Adds More ALFA ROMEO Immobilization Models

lonsdor k518 alfa romeo immobilization update 1

Lonsdor K518S/K518ISE Key Programmer newest upgrade on August 1st, 2023: Add more ALFA ROMEO models for immobilization. ALFA ROMEO support list: Select from vehicle\Asia\147\Mechanical key\2000-2010\1K79X_48 Select from vehicle\Asia\147\Mechanical key\2000-2010\3K91D_48 Select from vehicle\Asia\159\Mechanical key\2005-2012\1K79X_48 Select from vehicle\Asia\159\Mechanical key\2005-2012\3K91D_48 Select from vehicle\Asia\4C… Continue Reading

Lonsdor K518 Program 2018-2021 TOYOTA Lexus Smart Key Programming All Keys Lost

Lonsdor K518 can add new keys to 2018-2021 Toyota Lexus all keys lost by OBD. Go to check out the details. The frequencies are supported: 312.09/314.35 314.35/312.09 314.35/315.10 315.10/314.35 433.58/434.42 434.42/433.58 312.50/314.00 314.00/315.10 312.50/314.00 433.92… TOYOTA/LEXUS car models supported: TOYOTA… Continue Reading