Lonsdor K518 Program New Sylphy, Sentra with 16+32 Gateway Adapter via OBD

Lonsdor K518S/K518ISE Key Programmer adds a new function for Nissan cars. It can add key (using free pin code) and do all keys lost for new Sylphy, Sentra and other models with B18 chassis via OBD. What you need is to use Sylphy 16+32 Gateway Adapter and open Nissan Sylphy license.
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What is Sylphy 16+32 Gateway Adapter?
The Autel 16+32 gateway adapter (item No. SF280) not only can work with Autel key programmer but also can be compatible with Lonsdor K518.
Autel 16+32 gateway adapter
src: https://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/autel-16-32-gateway-adapter.html
Version: V3.65

When you use the 16+32 gateway adapter, it won’t need the password to add new key for Sylphy, Sentra and the cars with B18 chassis.
Note: If all keys lost, it will need password to program new key.

How to open Lonsdor Nissan New Sylphy Sentra B18 Chassis License?
Please order the license, and provide the SN of your K518 programmer to our customer service to activate online directly, no need for shipping.

src: https://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/lonsdor-nissan-update-license.html

How to add new key/ do all keys lost for new Sylphy, Sentra and other models with B18 Chassis?
Make sure you have a Sylphy 16+32 Gateway Adapter and open the Nissan Sylphy license before operation.
It’s easy to do. Just read the instruction on the tablet screen and follow it to operate step by step.

Path: Immobilization-> NISSAN-> Select from vehicle-> select the corresponding car model-> Add smart key or All smart key lost

If have any problem about Lonsdor K518, please feel free to contact our customer service.
Whatsapp: +86-15972933706
Email: Sales@EOBDtool.co.uk
Skype: eobdtool.co.uk

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