Lonsdor K518S “Fault code: 6041” and “Device abn” Solution

One customer gave the feedback that his Lonsdor K518S prompts “fault code: 6041” and “Device abn., trying to repair”.

Eobdtool engineer answers that repair file should solve this problem and this method is also applicable to “Device fault 26” on Lonsdor K518S/ISE.

Repair procedure:
Hold the two buttons to enter update interface.

Select “Factory Setting” and watch the prompt.
Lonsdor K518 Factory Setting

Press “OK” to the next step in one minute.

Select “Repair” and confirm the warning.

Select “Android Desktop” and the icon marked to unfold apps.

Select “File Manager” and open the folder.
Find the repaired file. If you cannot find it, connect the device to PC and import repair file. (Contact us to get repair file if needed)

Open it up, but get this prompt.

Settings>>Unknown sources

You’ll go back to the folder again.
Select the repaired file to install it as prompts.

After installation, open it up.
Connect the device to WI-FI and update it.

Select “OK” to force update.

The device should be normal when the fixing procedure is over.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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