New 2M2 Magic Tank Cut by Bitting HU101

Tutorial: Cut HU101 for Ford, Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar with 2M2 Magic Tank using “Cut By Bitting” function.

1.Download and install the newest Magic Tank APP
2.Plug into power supply and switch on the 2M2 magic tank auto key cutting machine
3.Connect 2m2 magic tank with the Android phone via Bluetooth
4.Select “Cut by bitting”-> Search “HU101”-> Select “HU101.M10”

5.Press “Decode”

6.Follow the prompt to put the original key on machine and start to decode

7.Take out the original key and put a new key blank

8.Cut both sides of the new key

9.When the key has been cut successfully, insert it into the cylinder to test.


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